Friday, May 8, 2009

Cool Smoker from Bass Pro Shops

Don't YOU deserve a new smoker for the summer season????

Check this one out from Bass Pro Shops ...

Constructed from high-quality materials! Created with the help of the most experienced metal fabricators in the world. Horizon's combined experience in the smoker industry, pride in every product they manufacture, and knowledge of barbecue places them ahead of the competition and allows them to produce a premiere product for the barbecue aficionado.

All smokers are made from all new steel materials, and the smoker body is built from quarter inch thick structural pipe. Using only the best grades of steel allows Horizon to offer a lifetime warranty against burnout. No assembly required.

The Horizon Smoker 20 RD Special Marshal Backyard Smoker is loaded with accessories. Comes standard with a counter weight to help open the cooking chamber door, sliding convection system to evenly distribute heat and smoke through the horizontal chamber, and an extra thermometer so you can see exactly what the convection plate does for you. Plus: 20" wagon wheels, a larger heavy-duty firebox, a charcoal grate, and a clean-out tool. Cooking chamber: 20" x 44". Firebox: 20" x 22".

Manufacturer model #: 204422RD.

Check it out