Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to use a smoker - Secret Pictures of Pulled Pork Off

How to use a smoker tries to report the facts, but Brewski Bob is being quite secretive about the whole pork pullin' affair ... I finally received these pictures ...

Julies Jalapeno stuffed peppers ... I have only tasted Aunt Patti's version of these delightful appetizer's and let me tell you, they were mighty fine. In fact I don't know if it was the peppers or just "that time of life" that sent me into extreme hot flashes! All in all, I had to give them a 10 on the "give me another Margarita" scale.

Here is the actual "pullin' part of the party ... notice the concentration on all the faces ...

Now as you all know, I was not able to taste test any of this succulent piggie and only have Brewski's word that he was the winner ... I have yet to receive the confirmation pictures ... I know he is from Chicago area, so I will give him another week ... LOL!

How to use a smoker ... tells all on pulled pork off!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pulled Pork Pull Off - Chicago Style ... OH MY!

This event was submitted by Uncle Brewski and Aunt Patti, Batavia IL.

Just a quick note here ... I am concerned that we still do not have corroborating photos. After all UB states that he was the winner ... and after all the are quite close to Chicago and we all know about that .....

In addition, I did not receive any over night bribes ... er ... samples ... lol!

How to use a smoker

Sunday June 28, 2009

The day arrived for the “Pulled Pork Pull Off” as a wonderful 82 deg, low humidity bright sunshine, clear sky Midwestern beauty! A welcome relief from the 90+ temps with high humidity we have endured for the last week. Actually the “day” arrived a little earlier for the contestants. Contestant “A” started his Pulled Pork process about midnight and was up every couple of hours to check on things. Contestant “B” chose a more technological approach, loading the Pulled Pork smoker about 10:30 p.m. and letting technology take it from there.

The next morning after the smoke had cleared, so to speak, “A” packed up his equipment and
transported it to the Pull Off site to finish off the Pulled Pork process with “B”. Arriving shortly
thereafter were the Bloody Mary fixin’s, followed by a wonderful breakfast of bacon, egg strata, and a fruit medley. I'll have my Mary with extra tabasco, please!

After the staff was fueled up for the tasks ahead, we were off for the neighbors to round up the needed picnic tables, chairs, roasters and coolers necessary for a successful event.

Both contestants had their Pulled Pork entries done right on time, and as the guests began to arrive, the meat was moved from the cooking process to the resting stage. A little later, as the Pulled Pork pullin' commenced, everyone was eager to lend a hand hoping to get a tasty preview of the treat to come.

Many great appetizers were available, including a special treat from the “Kitchen of Julie”, extra tasty stuffed and grilled Jalapeno Peppers that were promptly consumed …. immediately followed by urgent requests for additional beverages!

Pulling complete and all of the other goodies in place service began. Jessica acted as the Official Judge for the Pulled Pork Pull Off. She manned the voting station asking the guests to cast a vote, by secret ballot, for their favorite Pulled Pork “A” or Pulled Pork “B”. The Pulled Pork was identified as “A” and “B” rather than by name, so as to help to minimize any voting irregularities that we are so accustomed to here in Chicago! Judge Jessica also requested the guests vote for the Pulled Pork, as cooked before adding any sauces, in order to judge the Pulled Pork and not the sauce. All were happy to oblige, as it meant a chance to return to the Pulled Pork station to reload their plates!

As usual there was an abundance of delicious sides to be enjoyed by all, but the Pulled Pork was the main attraction! Many commercial sauces were available, but by far “UB and Unks’ Not for Sissy’s Pattin Sauce” along with “Bens’ Carolina Mustard Sauce” were the favorite Pulled Pork condiments.

With all but Precinct Chas reporting, Judge Jessica announced that the voting was to close to project a winner.

The Bago competitions continued, along with Hillbilly Golf and everyone was quite content to enjoy the wonderful desserts while waiting for the vote to be tallied!

Precinct Chas finally arrived was counted and Judge Jessica gathered the crowd to announce the winner of The Pulled Pork Pull Off. Although the numerical vote totals were not revealed (hmmmmmmmm?) YIKES!

She announced the Winner of the Pulled Pork Pull Off is contestant “B” also known as Uncle Brewski. Contestant “A” a.k.a Ben was awarded a runner up prize of a gift card for a local BBQ restaurant! After the contestants shook hands and exchanged pleasantries Uncle Brewski, in a courageous display of sportsmanship, presented Ben with a copy of his secret Pulled Pork recipe. Ben was quite grateful and overwhelmed that Brewski would share his prize winning recipe, only to open the envelope to find a blank sheet of paper! YOU Rascal!

A good laugh was had by all and the hinges on the cooler lids began squeaking, indicating that the party had just begun!

How to use a smoker in Batavia ... count me in !