Thursday, October 2, 2008

1st Periodic Club Brown How To Use A Smoker Throwdown

Submitted by my good friends Uncle Brewski and Aunt Pattie:

So, me (Uncle Brewski) an Unc is sittin’ round the udder day havin’ a few cool beverages and discussin’ da finer points of How To Use A Smoker. As we’s talkin’, we tink it might be kinda nifty to have a little frenly How To Use A Smoker competion. Get some folks tageder ona Sunday aftanoon, smoke up a little oinker and ask da wemen folk to whip up some udder tasty viddels.

Well, jus so happens, I’s gots a big ole box of Spare Rib Tips from one of my favorite sppliers “Moo and Oink” Dem should give us a good start!

As we starts ta come up wit a gest list, it becomes oblivious ta me dat Unc is stackin’ da deck wit folks whos gonna vote fer him! (imagine!) So ta counter dat I makes a few callz and stends da invite to some of da long time Club Brown members in good standin’, who I know I can count on ta vote early n ofen! (dis is Chicago after all!) Next ting ya kno we’s up ta 14 folks.

So we’s off to da store ta fetch up anuder 10lbs of ribz. Dis el work good…Brewski cen do his 10lbs usin his secret methods, an Unc cen do his 10lbs usin his secret methods.

Dis 1st Periodic Club Brown How To Use A Smoker Throwdown ting is startin ta shape up perty nice. Da wemen has pulld out all da stops…heres a sampling of da menu….

Brewskis Sweet and Sticky Ribs

Uncs udder ribs

Brewskis Smoked Tomatoes

Uncs attempt at Smoked Tomatoes

Aunt Patties:

Garlic bread

Shrimp and Pasta salad


Pepper and cream cheese dip

Apple crisp

Miss Julies:

Fresh Salsa

Hommade Corn Salsa

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies

Granma Dorrie’s delicus cole slaw

Cuzin Ras Brocelli cassrol

Evry body arrives and da cool beverages is a flowin! (part of my stratigy) Da smokers is stil smoking n cept fer da skeetrs it’s a bewtifl day. Lil’ Tyler gos out to da punkin patch n piks out som biggins to take home! We loads em up, n its just bout time fer da main event.

Da viddles is served up n boy what a spred! Everybody is mooin n oinkin whit complimnts. Id be willin ta betcha even some of da snobs over at Wine and Food Pairing wouldv had a buttspankin good time!

But wait….bafor everybody falls asleep we gots ta vote fer da winner of da Club Brown How To Use A Smoker Throwdown. Tyler distribuuts da ballots an da results is in!

Winner of da Club Brown How To Use A Smoker Throwdown:

Uncle Brewski’s Sweet and Sticky Ribs

Winner of the Smoked Tomatoe Event:

Uncle Brewski’s Smoked Tomatoes

Winner of the Desert Event:

Aunt Patties homemade Apple Crisp

Well, well, it looks as if my statigy wit da Club Brown members may have worked! Untill…………..

Da next mornin afta da smoke clears outa da house an da jubilation subsides, Aunt Pattie dos a recount ! The new ballot total for winner of the Club Brown How To Use a Smoker Throwdown is:

Unc: 12

Uncle Brewski: 8

Looks like lil Tyler better stay in school a while longer! Cordin to Aunt Patties recount ders 20 votes but only 14 folks was here!!

Uncle Brewski, outraged at da implication that he might not have actually won, an da mere hint dat dere may have been some votin irreularitys, has sued n demanded a rematch!

Unc, always the polight gentleman he is, graciously accepts da honerz n agrees to a rematch!

Stay tuned……bof contestnts has greeed to post dere recipes here on How To Use A Smoker !

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