Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to use a smoker - Secret Pictures of Pulled Pork Off

How to use a smoker tries to report the facts, but Brewski Bob is being quite secretive about the whole pork pullin' affair ... I finally received these pictures ...

Julies Jalapeno stuffed peppers ... I have only tasted Aunt Patti's version of these delightful appetizer's and let me tell you, they were mighty fine. In fact I don't know if it was the peppers or just "that time of life" that sent me into extreme hot flashes! All in all, I had to give them a 10 on the "give me another Margarita" scale.

Here is the actual "pullin' part of the party ... notice the concentration on all the faces ...

Now as you all know, I was not able to taste test any of this succulent piggie and only have Brewski's word that he was the winner ... I have yet to receive the confirmation pictures ... I know he is from Chicago area, so I will give him another week ... LOL!

How to use a smoker ... tells all on pulled pork off!

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