Monday, June 8, 2009

How to Use a Smoker - Tips from Freddie Mitchell, Pro

How to use a smoker ... it is always a lot of fun to get barbeque tips from a "pro" .... in this case, from Freddie Mitchell, former Philadelphia Eagle Wide receiver, number "84"!

Freddie is the proud owner of Freddie Mitchell's Brothers BBQ restaurant in Lakeland Florida and he really knows how to BBQ Ribs. He was even there when we came by helping out behind the counter and charming all the guests ... he even had time to come over and smooze a bit with Houdini Clarke, our Maltese and BBQ expert!

What can I say about "Brother's BBQ" well, the barbeque sauce was amazing ... it had a mustard base for sure, but the depth and richness of the sauce ... oh my! Right now, they sell it in the restaurant, but they are unable to ship it at this time. We bought a quart and plan on driving back to Lakeland to get more!

Succulent ribs and awesome chicken ... I'm drooling while I write ... LOL! Freddie told me that they do a lot of catering and will bring the smoker right to your event ... how cool is that? Talk about having fun in your own backyard!

Now for all of you that can't just drive up to Lakeland Florida to visit Freddie Mitchell's for his BBQ, you can get a great taste all your own with Bone Suckin' Sauce Gift Set - Mild the dry rub for pork ribs is KILLER!

Happy Smokin'

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