Friday, August 22, 2008

How to Use a Smoker for Drunken Drummies!

How to use a smoker to enjoy outdoor cooking is sometimes just about using your imagination. We were recently visited by Tropical Storm Fay and while she didn't do a lot of damage, she did knock our electricity out for 2 days. What a bummer! How to cook fabulous meals without the stove? By moving outside to the BBQ smoker ... Big Al came up with a tasty new treat. Now, I will admit that we really didn't use the wood chips to smoke because we were too close to the house and the weather wasn't co-operating to move further away so we just had the grill on low with the propane for that slow cooked YUMMY taste and texture.

I had a large pack of chicken drummies that were ready to go. Alfred did a quick sear then placed them on foil, low heat and basted constantly with my BBQ sauce mixture. A mixture of my favorite premade sauce, Caribbean jerk seasonings, Teriyaki sauce, EVOO, S & P.

The last hour Big Al steamed these chicken drummies in beer as you can see in the video. WOW! These were absolutely great. Moist, tender and fall off the bone succulent. A real lip smacking delight.

I have made drunken chicken with the whole bird many times, but have never branched out into drunken drummies ... next time you want to use your BBQ smoker, give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

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