Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to Use a Smoker - Rubs, Marinades and Mops!

When you learn how to use a smoker you need to consider how you will add extra flavor. Of course, the wood smoke adds a great deal and the predominate flavor, but then you need to have the icing on the cake, so to speak.

You have a couple of choices here. Do you want to marinade, use a BBQ sauce, a dry rub or maybe just mop the whole darn thing!

The marinade is something you have to plan in advance and then let your meat hang out with this tasty sauce for up to twenty fours hours before you actually put it on the smoker. A rub will go on before you put these bad boys on the grill and let the dry rub char on the outside of your meat. As for a BBQ sauce or mop, well, you have to decide how much "sugars" are in the sauce and when you want to apply. The longer these sauces are in the heat the more chance you have of them actually burning a bit and giving you that charred flavor.

So while you are learning how to use a smoker, you have to decide whether you want to rub, marinade or mop ... OH MY!!!!

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