Saturday, August 30, 2008

Killer Short Ribs with KISS!

Once again, Aunt Patti and Uncle Brewski have come forward with a "killer" recipe ... this time it is for beef short ribs:

Today How to Use a Smoker is going to celebrate Labor Day by following the K.I.S.S. system.

We are going to do a really easy, quick method to smoke some beef short ribs.

We procured a nice package of short ribs from the warehouse club butcher, a little over 5lbs.

After a nice massage with a simple rub,

Brewski’s Short Rib Rub:

2T Kosher (coarse) salt 2T Onion Powder

2T coarse ground black pepper 1T Garlic Powder

2t Celery Salt

and then a little rest to reach room temperature, the ribs are ready for the BBQ smoker. We are going to try using an Oak smoke today and have the smoker set at 220°. Estimated time of plate arrival for these tasty little dudes is about two hours, so pull up a lawn chair, get a cold one and enjoy the holiday!

Bentley Brown, fur child of Brewski and Patti, chooses to forgo the "cold one" in lieu of a cob of fresh sweet corn. I've tasted the corn before and I'm not sure which one I would choose ... LOL!

P.S. I’ll let you know tomorrow how they turn out!

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